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Coatesville Rental Tent Specialists

From large summer weddings to spring summer reunions, families often need a large space that can accommodate a large group and all of their activities that only the great outdoors can offer. For such occasions, wedding tents in Coatesville PA are essential. Since people set events so far in advance, booking the location, the weather turns into a gamble, so it is important to look into rental tents in Coatesville PA.

Hess Tent Rental LLC make it easy for you to make plans for the event and not worry about contingency plans or spaces if a looming thunderstorm keeps its promise or a surprise shower burst doesn't ruin the wedding party's hair, makeup and clothes. Our tents promise to keep the fun rolling right along, no matter what the event.

Once you contact our company, which specializes in tents for rent, you will find a partner in making your outdoor festivity arrangements. Our team will visit your space and, while taking your guest list into account, come up with the correct measurements for the size of tent that you will need to keep all of your guests comfortable, especially if you plan to have a band or DJ and want to keep your guests dancing all through the afternoon and into the evening or late at night. Our wedding tents in Coatesville PA keeps the party going as long as you want it to go on.

You can count on our clean and well-maintained equipment, which includes our large and attractive tents, tables, chairs and accessories that you will need inside the tent. We offer accessories such as full table settings so you don't need to worry about where you will find them on the big day. We also have centerpieces to make each table setting pop and feel welcoming for your guests.

Hess Tent Rental LLC is the Right Choice

We work hard to make sure that our tent rentals in Coatesville PA are right for your property, whether you are renting it for the occasion or you own the property, since it is important that, once we pull up stakes, everything will look the same as before we set up your tent for your special occasion. We want you to relax and enjoy your event, so we know it is important that you don't have to concern yourself with the worries that you might end up with grass damage or anything else. You can simply enjoy your event with our tents in place. Call now and speak with our friendly sales staff. Contact us today!