Tent Rentals Gettysburg PA

Why Hess Tent Rental LLC?

If you're hosting a wedding or other event and looking for rental tents in Gettysburg PA, Hess Tent Rental LLC can accommodate all your tent rental needs. A rental tent can provide additional space at any venue, protected from the elements. Founded in 2008 by Mike Hess, Hess Tent Rental LLC is an efficient, reliable business with very satisfied clients. When you work with Hess Tent Rental LLC, you will be working with professional, friendly employees whose primary goal is to meet all of your rental needs. Hess Tent Rental LLC received WeddingWires Brides Choice Award in 2013. All of Hess Tent Rental LLC tents are of the highest quality and are clean, functional and well-maintained. Hess Tent Rental LLC also sets up all tent rentals, leaving you free to enjoy your event and guests rather than worrying about the set up details.

Wedding Tents in Gettysburg PA

A tent rental can add both function and style to your wedding. A tent can protect your guests, wedding cake and food from the elements and pests. A series of marquee tents can also provide a protected and stylish walkway. Hess Tent Rental LLC can accommodate any size wedding. Tents are also customizable, which allows for incorporation into any wedding theme.

Hess Tent Rental LLC in Gettysburg PA provide two basic types of tents: High Peak Pole Tents and Frame Tents. High peak pole tents are more cost efficient and create a more elegant look for formal events. However, pole tents have center poles and require that the poles be secured to the ground with metal stakes. Frame tents are more expensive, but they do not have center poles and can be secured without the need for driving any metal steaks. Whatever your needs, Hess Tent Rental LLC can meet them in an efficient, professional manner.

All of our tents for rent come in a wide range of sizes. Tents can also be linked together to create a larger covered area or to attain a specific design. You can add full curtains to protect from rain, sun, or wind. You can opt for solid curtains or curtains with cathedral-style windows to meet your design aesthetic. Contact us today!