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Custom Tents For Rent in Hershey

There are millions of couples currently planning their dream weddings. They may have chosen the dress, venue, and caterer but are still in need of other elements to create a secure, appealing, and functional space for their guests. Fortunately, Hess Tent Rental LLC everything that is necessary for creating the dream wedding tent in Hershey PA.

Of course in addition to the tables and chairs, the most important element to having an outdoor wedding is the shelter. Tent rentals in Hershey PA are available in a variety of sizes and designs to there is an option for every size and theme of wedding. Although the most common type of tent are the frame tents because they do not offer a center pole which can cause interference, others will choose a pole tent because they can accommodate a much larger group of people. Each type of tent is available in small or larger sizes and constructed out of galvanized aluminum side poles for a truly secure stance. Guests can enjoy ample space, security from any surprise weather elements, and a very appealing environment.

Hess Tent Rental LLC Party Supplies

Most people are surprised to learn that there are many types of accessories that can be added to the tents. Side curtains are a very popular option because they give the rental tents in Hershey PA more closure. These will add appealing design to the space as well as extra lighting for a daytime wedding or event. Doorways can also be added to these tents for an easier method of entrance for guests.

Every wedding requires a dance floor and today, more and more people are choosing to install a portable dance floor into their tents. The parquet floors are extremely durable so guests can dance the night away. Of course, the flooring is also very durable and will offer an excellent foundation for walking, dancing, and entertaining.

Outdoor weddings can also cause issues with comfort levels. However, our tent rentals in Hershey PA offer climate control with heaters or fans that can be installed to the tents, the space will always be properly heated or cooled depending on the climate or season.

Planning the wedding can be overwhelming. However, the addition of a wedding tent can offer security, comfort, and design to a wedding or any other event. Contact us today, we have the best tent rentals PA has to offer!