Tent Rentals Shippensburg PA

Party Tents for Rent in Shippensburg

Tents make any event more formal for an incredible way to take the party outdoors without feeling restricted by the weather conditions. Hess Tent Rental LLC offers their services all over central Pennsylvania, including Shippensburg. We provide tents and other services for any occasion. We offer high quality Shippensburg rental tents, with a one-stop-shop that offers the basic necessities for weddings, anniversaries, and any type of celebration.

When planning an outdoor event, it's important to rent party tents that will protect the decor and tables if the weather conditions change. It can easily become windy or rainy in each season of the year, which can ruin a party in a matter of seconds. Our tents provide shade and relief from the sun as well. Our party or wedding tent rentals ensure that everything is protected until your event ends.

Hess Tent Rental LLC Options

There are a number of different styles of tents for rent that are available to accommodate any type of event that is being held. High peak pole tents create a dramatic and formal look for areas that have grass or pavement. Frame tents are ideal for guests who don't want to place stakes in the ground where the party will be hosted. They have a simple design and feature synthetic windows for a look to the outside.

Those who also need rental supplies like tables and chairs can go through Hess Tent Rental LLC for an easy way of using the same vendor. Round, rectangular, and multi-purpose tables are available to accommodate each part of the occasion. Various styles of tables and chairs can also be rented to ensure that there is plenty of seating available for the guests.

Providing lighting is an additional service that we offer to illuminate the space. Customers can choose from interior perimeter globe lighting for a cost-effective option that is appropriate for both casual and formal parties. Globe chandelier lighting is another option that is fastened to the poles that are in the tent. Globe pole lights are also available and offer a classy look that can be placed in various spots. Lastly, LED lighting is offered and is one of our top selections because it can dramatically enhance your space and bring life to your party. For formal weddings, birthday parties, or anniversaries, LED lighting or chandeliers can be used for a space that truly feels as if it's indoors. The lighting will add a touch of formality to the celebration while incorporating a few colors onto the floor and walls of the tent.

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