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Hess Tent Rental offers two exceptional choices for your wedding or party tent rentals; pole tents and frame tents. If you are trying to decide between the two, we have listed the following advantages and differences between each of them. Although, sometimes the location you place the tent will require a frame tent instead of a pole tent, or vice versa. If you are still unsure of which tent style you would like to go with, please ask us and we will be more than happy to talk through the specifics of your particular event and determine which style tent will be the right choice for you!

Types of Outdoor Tent Rentals

Pole Tents for Rent

Pole Tent Rentals

Pole Tent Interior

Pole tents are the most popular style tent that our customers rent. They are more economical to rent than a frame tent; pole tents are on average are 33% less expensive to rent than frame tents. The center poles give the tent an elegant, swooping look from one peak to the next peak and our event lighting rental options can really put your party over-the-top! When you look up into the ceiling of a pole tent you will see white tent vinyl. Except for the aluminum center poles and side poles, which can both be covered, there is no other metal involved in this style tent.

We can also add solid white sides or cathedral windowed side curtains to give our tents that final touch of elegance as well as superior weather protection. When using sidewalls, a pole tent requires the walls to be clipped onto a rope that runs around the inside perimeter of the tent. The walls can be folded back in order to leave openings throughout the tent, but the walls are either installed on the tent or left off the tent and kept on-site to be installed by the customer during the event if they are needed.

Our pole tents can be setup on grass or pavement and we will repair blacktop holes with patch to leave the surface looking good as new. High peak tents require center poles and stakes to secure them. Heavy duty ratchet straps and galvanized aluminum side poles provide strength and durability as well as superior wind and rain protection. Our roomy 8' sides provide more space and a more impressive appearance than traditional 7' sides used by most tent companies. Our larger pole tents can be expanded to almost any length to accommodate large parties and events!

Pole Tent for Weddings

Available Pole Tent Sizes:

20x20, 20x30, 20x40, 30x30, 30x40, 30x45, 30x60, 30x75, 30x90, 30x105, 30x120, 40x40, 40x60, 40x80, 40x100, 40x120, 40x140, 40x160, 40x180, 40x200, 40x220, 40x240, 60x60, 60x80, 60x90, 60x100, 60x110, 60x120, 60x130, 60x140, 60x150, 60x160, 60x180, 60x190, 60x200, and 60x210.

What Size Tent Do I Need?

Frame Tents for Rent

Frame Tent Rentals

Frame Tent Interior

If you don't like the idea of a center pole or driving stakes into the ground to secure the tent, frame tents are sometimes preferable over a pole tent. Most brides prefer this option for wedding ceremonies because there are no center poles to worry about when walking down the aisle. Frames tents are often preferred for events with a dance floor because seating arrangements and floor placement doesn’t need to be configured around the center poles.

Since these outdoor tent rentalsare built with aluminum rafters, much like that of a greenhouse, there is exposed metal in the ceiling of the tent when you look up, unlike the all white vinyl ceiling you get with a pole tent. If a frame tent is preferred but you’d rather not see the aluminum, a fabric ceiling liner can be installed. With a frame tent, the option exists to rent "Kedered" sidewalls. These sidewalls can be installed on a track in the tent, allowing you to slide them open and closed as needed in a matter of a few minutes. If the walls are open, they slide back and tie around the legs of the tent. If they are closed, they meet and zipper together. We also have the option to rent tables and chairs to complete your party supply needs.

Frame tents can be installed with a gable end, which allows the tent to be placed right up against a building. The gable end is a great option when it rains because water sheds off the sides of the tent and not the ends where it meets the building. They can also be installed in locations where driving stakes into the ground is not an option. While staking is still preferable to secure a frame tent, in situations where stakes are not allowed to be driven into the pavement or on a stamped concrete patio, concrete block weights can be used to secure the tent.

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Frame Tent for Weddings

Available Frame Tent Sizes:

The smallest size is a 10’x10’ marquee walkway, which is expandable in any length of 10 feet up to a 10’x300’; 20x20, 20x30, 20x40, 20x60, 20x80, 20x100; 30x15, 30x30, 30x40, 30x45, 30x55, 30x60; 40x30, 40x40, 40x45, 40x55, 40x60, 40x70, 40x75, 40x85, 40x90, and 40x100.

What Size Tent Do I Need?

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