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Hess Tent Rental has a line of accessories add elegance, comfort and fun to your wedding, party or other special event! These string lights and more are sure to make your big day unforgettable. Whether you're in need of outdoor string lights or globe lighting, we have what you need and more!

Interior Perimeter Globe Lighting

Globe lighting is our most popular and cost efficient style of event lighting that accommodates both formal and casual events. This type of wedding lighting attaches around the inside perimeter of the tent. This globe lighting a little larger than the size of a softball and hang from a white cord. We use hooks to attach these string lights to a rope on the inside of the tent. Event lighting is a great source of light by itself, but it also looks great with the matching chandelier lighting. For most events our customers add a dimmer switch to their order to control the softness or brightness of the event lighting.

Outdoor Party Lights and Chandeliers

When it comes to your big day, we understand the importance of event lighting. With the proper string lights, you can set the entire mood of your venue. Not to mention, we can hang Candelabra Chandeliers in any frame tent from the ceiling. We are able to do this from any pole tent by suspending them from a cable that we attach between the interior center poles. Another option in a pole tent is to hang the chandeliers off of the center poles by using the white arm brackets that we typically use to suspend the chandeliers.

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Cafe String Lighting

Whether in a pole tent or a frame tent, café string lights can be strung throughout the tent to create a beautiful atmosphere. Formal enough for weddings, yet casual enough for the weekend backyard party, it’s a great option for any type of event. For any questions in regards to our tent wedding lighting, feel free to contact us. We're eager to give you our sting light advice!

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LED Sting Lighting

LED lighting can be used to complement the other lighting options and is most commonly used to supplement interior globe lighting or candelabra chandeliers. We can project lighting streamers onto the tent ceiling by programming each light to project either blue, green, teal, pink, purple or yellow color options. We can also turn the LEDs to a white light for a more formal feel.

One of the most beautiful settings we can create is by utilizing the LED lights for events with one of our fabric liners. The fabric liner disperses the lighting throughout the ceiling of the tent and makes the liner glow. We can utilize a one or two color scheme or setting the LED lights to white, we can create a beautiful, classical feel under the tent. These LED lights for events will wow all of your guests!

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Client Testimonials

"Mike – Thank you for helping to make our son's wedding such a special event. Our past – wedding family picnic was well prepared for as we needed your tent for shelter from the glorious sunshine we had that Sunday! It was well-placed and the perfect size for our guests and family. Your company made us feel well prepared for a very hectic but wonderful time."

- Patricia Siegrist

"To all the staff at Hess Tents, thank you so much for being part of our special day. The tents looked great & everyone was really impressed, including us. We'd be happy to use your services or recommend your tents to others. We'll send pictures when we can. Thank you!"

- Erica Wolbramsky & Joshua Lemon

"Thank you Very much. We enjoyed working with you. You were very helpful. We had a memorable day for our daughter's wedding"

- Bob & Darlene Noll

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