Rental Tent FAQ's

Can We Install Tents on Pavement and What Is This Process/How Are Holes Drilled and Repaired?

Yes. We drill a one inch round hole into the pavement exactly where the stake needs to be. After the event is over we remove the stake and fill in the hole with blacktop/coal patch as if there was never a hole drilled. This process allows us to install a tent on pavement without damaging your property.

What’s the Difference Between a Frame Tent and a Pole Tent, and Which Do I Need?

There are two main differences between a pole tent and a frame tent:

A Pole Tent has interior center poles underneath to support the ceiling of the tent while a frame tent has no interior center poles. In a frame tent, the shell of the tent is built using aluminum that resembles the look of a greenhouse. The tent top is then pulled over top of the assembled frame work. Frame tents are more costly to rent than a pole tent since they are more labor intensive to install. We recommend pole tents where applicable because of the visual “sweeping “ look that the center poles create across the tent peaks. They are more elegant for weddings and more formal events and more cost efficient to rent.

The other main difference is that a pole tent needs to be anchored into the ground with metal stakes. A frame tent on the other hand can be anchored using weight ballast in a situation where stakes cannot be utilized to anchor the tent. If the situation calls for the tent to be installed on pavement, we can stake any pole tent on pavement and repair the holes upon removal (see question #1), but for situations such as stamped concrete or patio surfaces, using a frame tent may be the necessary option in order to secure it with weight ballast instead of stakes.

Can I Add Sidewalls to My Order the Week of My Event Based On the Weather?

Yes. If our customers are unsure whether or not they would like sidewalls on the tent, we allow them to wait until the week of the event to determine if the curtains will be needed based on the weather forecast. Unlike some companies that charge random dollar amounts for sidewalls, we charge based only on the footage of curtain that our customers end up using around the tent.

Are CAD Layouts Free of Charge?

Yes. We provide our customers with Computer Aided Designs, or better known as CAD layouts. We offer this service to you free of charge. These customized CAD layouts allow us to show you exactly what your event will look like underneath the exact size tent we will be installing for you. This allows you to visualize your event setup before it takes place and illustrates why we are recommending the tent size we've quoted or are installing for you. These layouts become very helpful during the day of installation for the event as well because they ensure that our crews know exactly how you would like the tables, chairs and dance floor to be setup for your event if you choose to have us set up things for you. Or, once the tent is installed, the CAD layout gives you a blue print for where to setup the tables and chairs if you would like to handle this on your own.

Will I Get a Clean Tent and Equipment for My Event?

Yes. We take pride in properly maintaining our tents and equipment by cleaning and replacing older tent tops with new tops as needed and go over chairs between rentals to ensure they are clean for your event. While these things take time and are more overhead on our part, they ensure that you are receiving a quality product and ensure that our reputation for delivering Beautiful tents and high quality products is being upheld. Our reputation is our livelihood!

What if I Need Assistance After the Equipment is Installed or During My Event?

We are a small, personable staff that cares about the details of every event. During an event, we are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week if you should need to reach us for any reason.

Will You Visit the Tent Site to Recommend What Size Tent is Needed, Even if We Haven't Booked Hess Tent Rental LLC for Our Rentals Yet?

Yes. We offer on-site consultations at no charge to take measurements of the area you would like to have the tent installed and make sure the tent will fit in the area and no obstacles are present for the installation. We offer these site visits at any time, whether you would like us to meet with you prior to reserving an order with us or if you'd like us to survey the area even after you've booked your event with us.

What if There Are Underground Utility Lines In the Area I want to Have the Tent Installed?

We do the right thing by making PA-1 calls that bring out the proper personnel to your property to mark any underground wires, electric lines, gas lines, water or other utilities to ensure the safety or our employees during the installation of a tent and the safe keeping of your property. There is no additional cost for this.

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Client Testimonials

"Thank you Mike – you helped to make our day very enjoyable! I will recommend you to others! Blessings!"

- Robin Ebersole

"Thanks, it was a pleasure working with you. Thought I’d send you a picture of your Beautiful Chairs! "

- Corby and Julia Zeigler

"Mike, Thank you for helping make family day this year a success! We are grateful for your continued partnership for this event. Thank you for all you do for Water Street Mission."

- Jennie Heydt

"Mike, Thank you for a great experience with the beautiful tent. A lot of our guests had never been to a tent wedding. It was perfect. May God Bless your business abundantly!"

- Tammy McClaine

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